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CURIOUS INDEX, 4/24/2009

Lookin' smoking, Percy. The NCAA 10 covers will feature platform-specific athletes for each cover. Michael Crabtree will appear on our edition of the game, the XBox 360 edition, Brian Orakpo will get the cheapster's PS2 cover, Mark Sanchez will appear on the PSP cover (because he's coming out early, fitting for the sixth graders who dominate the PSP market,) and Brian Johnson will appear on the PS3 cover to ensure dismal sales in the state of Alabama. (You have no one to blame but yourselves, Alabama fans, and not Andre Smith's nimrod of an agent.)

Percy is going to be available on the "green" edition of the game, being sold at exclusive glass accessory shops around the Gainesville and Virginia Beach areas.


Cromptonites, triumphant. B.J. Coleman, despite having better numbers in spring than Jonathan Crompton, is going to transfer after some snafu'd communications with the Tennessee coaching staff. Blutarsky breaks it down like some kind of elaborate employment lawsuit, which it sort of is.

We are all closer to being able to be buried inside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. We can all be just like Kentucky gets to be once every other year! YAY!

Hillbilly Fidel will live another hundred years. Perhaps he's more Kim Jong-Il-ish, actually: they have the same physique and bumbling offspring, though as far as we know Terry Bowden's never been kicked out of Tokyo Disneyland like Kim's son was. (Height requirement joke goes here.) Further evidence that Bobby Bowden is the Florida State football program, and that the whole thing will go down like one huge sucking wreck when he does: FSU files its official appeal with the NCAA based pretty much on the notion that they deserve credit for cooperating in an academic fraud case of very large magnitude, and that Bobby Bowden is a legend, blah blah blah.

PIssing intensity. The Solid Verbal podcast has Will Leitch on, who discusses many things [REDACTED] in an amusing fashion, even if he gets the reasons for the lack of a playoff totally wrong.