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Real life has been a bit whirlwindish today, so we apologize and give you all refunds on the day by reminding you of the greatness and cheated heart of Dennis Dixon, the Oregon qb who probably should have finished second in the 2007 Heisman to Tim Tebow. (He placed fourth.) Dixon played brilliantly in '07, throwing for 20 TDs, 4 INTs with 2136 yards and a 67.7% completion rate while rushing for 583 yards and 9 TDs in nine games and change before he partially tore his ACL, decided to play on it anyway, and suffered a season-ending injury against Arizona during a Thursday night upset that effectively ended their season. (Proving once again: NOTHING GOOD HAPPENS TO FAVORITES ON THURSDAY NIGHT, Swindle's Rule #19 For Dirty College Football Living That Feels So, So Clean.)

He's now taking a paycheck from the Steelers, but even in the lap of pro luxury it's worth saying to Dennis Dixon: the ACL gremlins screwed you and screwed you grande style, due. Also, to Michigan fans traumatized by the sight of the early loss to Oregon and the embarrassing Statue of Liberty keeper: you got your revenge and then some on us later that year. Now stop voting for Macadangdang, and embrace your Steampunk Emperor who loves you and wants you to be happy!

(Also, Hayes and I discuss the hastiest of preseason top tens over at TSB.)