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CURIOUS INDEX, 4/20/2009

The voice imitation is uncanny. The Kiffykins animation is just randomness, though him doing the show naked makes all kinds of sense. ("I had no idea that if I did an alumni event nude that people would take pictures." You can see it happening. Don't lie.) The Meyer? It's as emotional and rich as Urban really is with the media.

Call us Johnny Depth cause we gettin' thick. The negative slant on the Orange and Blue game this weekend: Florida was so injured they had to conserve veterans and let the puppies dominate much of the game. The sunny-side party line on the Orange and Blue game: young players like Frankie Hammond went buck (4 catches, 131 yards, 2 tds,) John Brantley got plenty of playing time, and linebacker Jon Bostic ripped his redshirt off with a nasty run-stuffing performance at linebacker. We'll take the positives and now try to cobble together a realistic depth chart.

The Dark Lord demands your passion. Nick Saban believes you lack passion, but the second-largest crowd in A-Day history did answer some questions, most notably who would replace John Parker Wilson at qb (Greg McElroy, who threw 2 TDs and 2 INTs on the day) and left tackle (JC transfer James Carpenter, for the moment.) At the other A-Day, Neil Caudle inserted himself into the qb race and the fescue looked simply fabulous. Again: take your positives and sprint to the horizon with them.

Just like the entire 2007 season. Almost nothing of note happened in Notre Dame's spring game, though Nick Montana did throw a few nice passes, something we're sure won't be overhyped at all in any way.

Mr. Inside, R.I.P. His Army team went 27-0-1, he won a Heisman Trophy, and he eschewed pro football for a long and distinguished career as a fighter pilot with service in Vietnam and Korea. Doc Blanchard, the Mr. Inside to Glenn Davis' Mr. Outside in the Army backfield, dead at the age of 84 as another person way more badass than you'll ever be. Be careful when discussing this story with friends, however, as the AP may issue a legal injunction against you for using "words" and "facts" they reported first.