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We're headed to a bit of recreation and no rest in the beautiful city of Las Vegas tonight, therefore be advised: the "Gone Cookin'" sign is up for the blog tomorrow, though how you'll be able to tell this from any other offseason Friday is beyond us. We'll be in Bat Country, and therefore swatting away invisible pterodactyls.

Your homework questions being, though:

1. Who should we drop a twenty on for the national title? Besides Florida, because that's happening with a fierceness, and we just like to lose money.

2. What new casino game should we try? Besides "vomit on the blackjack switch table at the Casino Royale?" (again)

3. What eccentric local dive/attraction/same should we investigate?

4. Total dollar amount lost for the entire weekends. Place your bets now, people.

We'll be watching the Orange and Blue game from a sports book, which is the next best thing to being there, and may actually be safer thanks to the reduced risk of skin cancer from not baking in the stands at Florida Field. We wish you an early happy weekend, and remind you that we're your friends. Get in. You're ready to ride in a convertible.

(Part four of the MMA saga will be up shortly as well. Enjoy.)