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Penn State is having their "PSU Fan Rap Contest," meaning they want Penn State fans and students to submit their own original compositions honoring Nittany Lion football. If you've watched Snowman's video embedded above, you know that the contest is a foregone conclusion. (Hot finger snappin' death: he's got enough to go 'round, h8ers. SNAP. DIE.)

The best two aren't actually bad. There's Kake, who tells you he's a rapper by drinking grape soda on camera, and Intrepid, who has the best balance of being task-focused (raps about PSU and gets the theme) and says of Joe Paterno: "dude's been in more bowls than a spoon," which is a cocktail-worthy line in any work. Neither of them snap semi-rhythmically, though, and that's what's gonna cost them in the end.

No one has taken advantage of the obvious "Zombie" sample, yet, but we encourage those who would like to do this to go ahead and do it. If you dress up as Joe Paterno and eat people dressed up as Jim Tressel and Patrick Fitzgerald, we'll throw the full weight of our voting bloc behind your submission. Doubt the electoral power of Mingovia at your own risk, auslander.