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The Miami Hurricanes' former wide receiver, Lamar Thomas, has been many things, including convicted tackler of pregnant women, fired announcer, strippee, successful college wide receiver, and long-term resident on the NFL's injured reserve list in his pro career. He also has his own adjective.


He now may add another job title to that illustrious list:

Staff members are in some key roles too: Assistant Principal Blake Bennett stars as Mrs. Darbus, the drama teacher; Lamar Thomas, the school's basketball coach and former University of Miami and pro football player, is playing the part of Coach Jack Bolton

Lamar Thomas will be playing a part in Boynton Beach High School's production of High School Musical. We're inviting all of you to join us at the production to challenge Lamar Thomas to a fight mid-show during his stunning musical number "We Ready," where we will throw a helmet at him, grab our nuts, and then demand he demonstrate his manhood. If he stays in character, we'll give each of you a dollar, which you'll never get because you know you don't come into Boyton Beach and talk that stuff without getting your butt whooped.