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USF head coach Jim Leavitt's 40 time: 5.72 seconds, making him faster than both ourselves and Clay Travis. This is not footage of Jim Leavitt running the 40, though if you'd like to view it as a metaphor about what he as a the sturdy 52 year old did to men half his age who couldn't run that fast, you go right ahead and do that.

He is truly all that is man, and according to him, we should really figure out what we want to do with our lives:

"If there are any students that can't be that, they really need to decide what they want to do in life," Leavitt said. "That's not hard to beat, five whatever it was."

We know what we can do with our blazing 6.09, Coach. We can blog. Oh, yes we can. We can wind....WHOOOOSH. If you wonder what that sound is, it's the pitter-splash of our tears hitting the ground as we weep into a bowl of beer and ice cream soup.