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Spurrier's Staff Gets Money/Money/Money. The South Carolina Gamecocks coaching staff sans Steve Spurrier's salary will pick up over $2 million in total payouts this year for fourth place SEC East performance. But you really can't put a monetary value on this kind of performance:

Further Spurrier: Michael has some quibbles and clarifications on Smart Football's piece about Spurrier's strategies and the risks associated with an aggressive offense. The grand strategic question for us is: is it universally true that minimizing possessions in a role as underdog always makes sense? It makes sense if you're Navy going up against Florida, but what if you're Texas Tech playing an Ohio State?

We'd like to have a word with your creepy Svengali. Brian Butler, non-agent/adviser/half-guru to the stars of high school football, is being investigated by the NCAA. Sketchy manager of gullible adolescent talent! Hamfisted, half-there regulatory council without any real enforcement power! WHO WILL WIN?

Beano Cook still wants to beat your ass, and could. Beano Cook and Ivan Maisel give good podcast, something we were reminded of as we listened to them in between doing the dishes and watching 30 Rock last night. You learn new things all the time: why, just last night we were reminded that former Pitt coach Walt Harris is now an assistant at Akron, and that Larry King has a surprisingly good sense of humor about his obvious and creeping insanity.

Ingenious Prank Strategies. Hey, Ted! Let's strap magnets to Steve's head and see what happens! It works on crocodiles!