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Happy Mardi Gras to you all. In case you live in one of those drab, soulless portions of the country unfamiliar with Mardi Gras (that's French for "My, you have oddly shaped nipples, but thank you nonetheless, ma'am"), it is the king of holidays, and proof that while Protestants may be right about the Catholic church being the Whore of Babylon, they can go shiv themselves with a Honda Element because the Whore is way, way more festive than a calendar without a day dedicated to jamming your face with sugar piecake and downing shots of rum in the name of decadence.

This will explain the absence of LSUFreek, who is currently on the streets of NOLA floating around like a tipsy genie on a cloud of booze fumes. He's out for today, and if he does it right, he's going to be on the disabled list for tomorrow and the next day, too. We're celebrating here in Atlanta by picking up some Abita Amber (oh, sweet airboat commander fuel) and some king cake for the moment. Also, we're screaming at bystanders to expose their breasts and genitals to us at every turn, but that's not unusual.

Enjoy it, Pelican Republic, and may bon temps roulez in the appropriate and inappropriate manners.

Pic: LSU "Chinese Bandits" float from the Houma, LA parade. Courtesy of Studley.