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CURIOUS INDEX, 2/20/2009

Glory, glory to old Staffy. Matt Stafford to take part in combine running drills, after questions were raised in numerous interviews about his ability to hold up his giant fetus head in an NFL-speed environment.


Absolutely not an artist's rendition. Nope. REAL LIFE PHOTOGRAPHY by LSUFreek.

Us? We imply nothing. Butch Davis is one-third the man June Jones is, dismissing three players from Carolina for that standby classic Violation Of Team Policy.

The Dread Pirate Leach returns to the fold. A most welcome development, summarized most succintly by one of our own commenters: "That’s good, because Leach is still cool and he wouldn’t be the same outside of Texas (recruiting advantages). Also good because if Tech fired him, that would be FUCKTARDED."

Oh, my! Uncles Verne-and-Gary meet Hugo Chavez.

Follow the leader. Tennessee demigod and current Duke patriarch David Cutcliffe gets his Twit on.

The more you know. For any of you brave souls preparing to join us in Vegas: We have a hunch this will come in handy.

The only logical followup to the EDSBS Grits & Grillades Bowl Presented By YellaWood. College Football Talk is crowning their own national champion. Hinton ponders adding his own. Suggestions and schematics for our own trophy welcome below.