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CURIOUS INDEX, 2/19/2009

Dr. Tebow said they'd been waiting on parts from Cape Canaveral. Brandon James gets his bad wing back from the shop.


We have the technology.

Your 2009 national champions: Florida, Iowa, Ole Miss, Texas, West Virginia, and/or Virginia Tech. So sayeth Rivals, anyway. Grab your pitchforks and torches and head on over; they'll love to hear from all of you.

Headlines that are not about what we thought they would be about: "Spiller's a walking time bomb". They mean that in a good way, sadly.

At this point, it can't hurt. Much. Syracuse practice sessions, available for your judgment: "Marrone likes opening spring practice because it places greater scrutiny on the players to perform at a higher level."

BEHOLD THE MUSTACHE WEDNESDAY CURSE! Right around the time we were touting Noel Mazzone yesterday, this clown was being introduced as the new Pitt OC.


Yeah, we don't like him. Can't put a finger on it...[surreptitiously rubs upper lip]

Uh, it was weed. Matt Simms lands at Some College, California.

There is a nagging question about a suspension last season over which Kragthorpe put a cloak of secrecy."He's a young kid," Phil said without hesitation. "I don't expect him to be perfect. I do expect him to live with his experiences. He's a good person. I'm not ashamed of Matt. He learned from his experience in Louisville."

International All-Name All-Stars. Why should you care about Tongan rugby players testing poitive for drugs in Japan? For answers, peruse this article, notable solely for the presence of teams named Sungoliath and Brave Lupus.