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It's a national holiday and a drowsy news day besides---the kind of afternoon that makes you want to curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee and the Monday Bourdain marathon on the Travel Channel, and watch a large, ardently devoted online fanbase absolutely lose their shit.

In marginally related news, please enjoy Tulsa World's interview with Oklahoma linebacker Ryan Reynolds (emphasis ours):

Q: A lot of people thought your absence from the second half against Texas was the difference in the game. Even though you lost to Texas, you played in the Big 12 title game and the national championship game. Did it feel good to know that your knee wasn't the difference in the entire season?
A: Well, I don't know about the Texas game, but as the season went on, I felt our team got a lot better. I felt if we were to play Texas later on in the season, or had a tie-breaker game or something like that, I think we would have won that game. I think we were a better team than Texas at the end of the year. I mean, I'm glad that loss to Texas didn't have any effect on us going to the national championship. But I don't feel like me coming out of the game was the reason why (Texas won).

Oh, where to begin? The implied statement that mid-October is too soon to evaluate the prowess of a team? After all, it's only what, seven games into the season? The idea that losing the national title game (only the latest in an admirably solid streak of postseason choke-jobs) leaves one's team somehow superior to a team it lost to by 10 on a neutral field, a team that went on to win its own BCS tilt? We just can't decide. Angry Texas hordes, over to you. Arise, Army of the 45-35.