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Texas A&M Aggie football player Ken "Dude" McLean died this week after a lengthy illness. He enjoyed a career as a successful defense attorney in Dallas, but was best known to Aggie fans as the receiver on the "Texas Special," a trick play we'd love to show you if Youtube had it. Rest assured, it worked, McLean scored, and he went on to have a 13 reception, 250 yard freakshow of a day against the Longhorns in a valiant 24-17 loss in the 1963 1965 rivalry game.

It looked nothing like this mess-o-play-tamia, we assure you.

The actual play involved a skipped lateral, a bit of theater over the "bad pass," and then the target wideout throwing a bomb downfield to a wide-open receiver. McLean also merits mention for being nicknamed "Dude" long before the Cult of Lebowski began, something indicating a man of great stature worth the admiration of all who beheld him. R.I.P., sir.

ps. Check out the pic of him on the site. We miss action poses.