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Kiffykins strikes again, this time back in South Florida, where Tennessee is recruiting Florida commit Matt Elam. Elam will be a senior, says he is fully committed to Florida, and that nothing will change that--all fine and dandy by us. It's not like Tennessee is going gangbusters after someone who just signed a letter of intent: he's going to be a senior, and the handshake competition remains on and running even with commits, who are free to keep everyone waiting until the final tip of a cap onto the head at signing day.

The article's noteworthy for further evidence of the contagion spread by pissing off a high school coach. Those aren't our words: they're from another coach entirely, charcoal-mellowed Dwyer High coach Jack Daniels, who thinks Tennessee's treatment of Pahokee coach Blaze Thompson was "dishonest."

“That’s a great community out there so it kind of pissed me off, too,” Daniels said.

“I thought the way Tennessee handled it was … you know. I was shocked when I heard it. I don’t understand how they could do that to a high school coach, especially someone so close to Nu’Keese. I think they were dishonest with Blaze and I’m sure that pissed off a lot of coaches.

“But if I was Blaze, I don’t know if they walked into my school if I would talk to them. I’d send somebody else up to talk.”

Kiffin has apologized to Thompson, but the point remains: you pee in the kiddie pool of recruiting, and everyone takes the hit. (Pre-emptive comments: BUT HURR MEYER LIAR WAAAH. Yes, he's our coach, and by definition completely innocent of everything ever. Welcome back to rivalry at its finest, sterno-huffing hilltards!)