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You want input? I'LL SHOW YOU INPUT. Mike Bellotti, Oregon coach and chair of the NCAA Football Rule Committee, says the proposal to turn unsportsmanlike conduct penalties into dead ball fouls is not a formal proposal yet, and that he'll poll coaches to see if they support the move. He makes no mention of bloggers, but just in case he would like some, here it is re: his attempt to further refine the NCAA's rulebook.


Again, one simple hypothetical destroys this entire idea: Ron Cherry given another dial on the instrument panel of the high-tech bomber he and his crew noseplant into the ground every Saturday in the ACC. Ron Cherry: more options. THE PLANE WON'T EVEN MAKE IT OFF THE FUCKING GROUND.

NOOOOOOOOOOO[/colbert] The Quarterback for the Lover in You, Jabu Lovelace, suffered a setback with his injured ankle and had to have a second surgery on the joint he broke last season. Lovelace will be unable to compete for the starting job in spring, and plans to recuperate by going full-bore on his rehab, pondering the buds of spring while holding lilacs by an open window, and by thinking about nothing but having you to hold in his arms, girl.

Magic Jack 2: the Magic Jackening. The St Petersburg Bowl will see the return of its charter sponsor, MagicJack, the ultra-sketchy online phone operation for people who fear turning on a computer and downloading Skype. Initially there were reports the bowl would be sponsorless, but in case you did not hear the clarification, you may now step away from the noose and refrain from setting your home on fire. The world is on its proper axis.

Yes, come to daddy, yes. Orson Charles wants to line up at tight end and at wide receiver. Why, we do that at Florida? And would Urban Meyer recruit negatively? You bet your fucking ass cheeks he would Why, no? Why do you ask?

And yes......we did catch this, and will assess points later today.