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Memphis area recruit and number one pick in the state Marlon Brown opted to attend Georgia instead of Tennessee and Ohio State. He'll explain it for you himself here, but it all came down to ASUMMTHIN DACOACHO DONNA WHILEA VISSITIN DAFAMILEEE.

"But then Tennessee did something wrong at one point..."

"You said Tennessee did something wrong. ?"

"Coach O came at me the wrong way. He said a couple of things to me and my family..."

"Your grandmother was involved..."

"Oh, yeah. She was very upset."

What did Coach O do to piss off the number one recruit in Tennessee? Offer the traditional Orgeron greeting of a firm grapple followed by an elbow to the head? Bring his usual gift of fermented deer hoof salad? Arrive at the house and sit on the couch while excreting his usual low level of pure, aerosolized kerosene, thus seeping the apholstery full of flammable gas fumes?

None of these, actually. Enter message board greatness to the rescue! (Click for larger.)


Yes, let's accuse a reformed alcoholic of suffering a relapse just prior to walking into a recruit's house. That's a ten out of ten on the message board ninja shitbag scale, and further evidence that in the filthy scrum of recruiting, there are no innocents.