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The current status on Pete Caroll's Twitter account may be the pinnacle of all that we consider to be civilized society:


Pete Carroll, somewhere above America in that magic unicycle he calls a plane, is rocking out to Nancy Wilson bellowing out "wooooaaaaHHHHHHBARRABARRAACUUUDDDAAAHHHH!!!" If this leads to the inevitable confluence of cultural rivers we think could be flowing together here, footage of the white-maned Humanitarian himself playing the song on Guitar Hero: World Tour should be posted on the night before signing day. Hear our voice and make this happen, Trojan media staff. Last year, WiiTennis; this year, Pete playing Barracuda on a plastic guitar and rocking out like it's 1977. If the kids like it, Pete will do it, and someone tell him that there's nothing recruits like more than watching their coach attempt the drump part on Tool's "Schism" on Expert.