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Tim Treebow. Chainsaw art never looked so rhinoceros-esque, no?


Crazy Old Testament God says he's going to incinerate that thing as soon as he gets finished with this elaborate scheme he's running with the Arizona Cardinals.

Jack Kingston, Great American. Dawg Sports interviews Georgia Representative Jack Kingston, who not only displays admirable animosity in explaining his vote against a Congressional resolution honoring Florida's BCS Title victory, but manages to stick his pins wherever he can.

Next year, when the Bulldogs' national title resolution comes to the floor, I would be disappointed in the Florida delegation if they felt they needed to vote for it. But fortunately, we don't have to have their votes to pass it. Besides, they would probably bring in butterfly ballots, confuse everyone, then demand a recount.

Well-played, Representative, both for living the rivalry, and for balancing out the bold and astonishing stupidity of Georgia Rep. Lynn Westmoreland in Congress for the state of Georgia. Lynn Westmoreland would do an interview, but his AOL account won't let him log-on since he forgot his password, which is "password." 49-10.

What? Calling an 8 year old a cocksucker isn't "family?" College Football Live names the top ten most "family-friendly" programs. While we're not sure exactly what this means, we're pretty sure the Venn diagram of "family-friendly" programs and "awesomely fun" programs features two circles that do not at any point so much as talk. As for gameday situations, an LSU would like to say that your refusal to include them in this list is fucking bullshit, and that your daughter in opposing team colors looks like she's going to be a real slut one day. TIGAH BAIT! TIGAH BAIT!

Auburn shockingly succeeds. Despite being a first-year guy and an underwhelming hire, Auburn shows signs of performing well on the recruiting trail.

You're past the first marker, Captain Solo. The long path through the offseason is already in sight of not its first marker (signing day), but its second: tickets for Nebraska's spring game go on sale next week, and are a reasonably priced ten dollars. Ten dollars more than the low price of nothing for Florida's games, but that special endorsement deal with Satan that Urban Meyer signed in 2006 has us rolling in cash. The fine print on this thing is