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Tonight we'll attempt to talk recruiting, an awkward subject given most college fans' encyclopedic knowledge of their own team's recruiting and near-total ignorance of any other squad's. To ameliorate this, we're bringing in Andy Staples, who knows every player on every board and exactly where they're going for sure. His journalistic credibility rests on this, and we'll hold him to that standard without mercy. (Good luck, Andy!)

He'll be with us at 8:00 p.m. tonight on TalkShoe (Link pending, as we have to set the show up.) In the meantime, please peruse his article on Devon Kennard, seen below wrecking shop in high school as #42 in silent, hard to peep recruiting footage. (Requisite film quality: Peruvian porn. Kleph, please verify.)

The USC blue-chip commit's story appeared in our RSS feed with this less-than-reassuring header:

Devon Kennard is headed to USC, and now Andy Staples says the top DE prospect can focus on the thing standing between him and greatness: his knee.

Not the best way to start off your college career, but if Frank Gore can soldier through a college career marred by no fewer than ninety knee injuries--we're pretty sure there was an alligator attack and a lightning strike in there--and still emerge to snag an NFL rushing title, Kennard should be fine with one measly catastrophic knee injury to his credit.