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"The cake? Yeah. We've got it. The checklist again: make sure it's a headless torso. No arms or legs, either. Ever seen Boxing Helena? No? Okay, next. Pasty, corpselike-flesh color to the icing? Got it. It's pretty corpse-y. The boobs are definitely oddly shaped, like they'd roll out like windsocks if you took the bikini top off. The squiggle-firing nipples on the outside of the bikini are there, too. It's like her tits are firing little spirochetes, just like you wanted. We also gave her a navel, but that didn't quite work out. You can tell people it's supposed to be a stab wound. You like that? Really! Well, that's great, and a little disturbing. Pick it up anytime you like, then."

(HT: The mighty Cake Wrecks.)