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The University of Washington may have committed a secondary violation of NCAA recruiting rules when they decided to get soooooooo METAL with their visiting recruits over the weekend:

Specifically, the athletic department is investigating whether a violation occurred when the school set up a mock "game-day entrance'' for recruits, simulating running out of the tunnel at Husky Stadium that included smoke and noise.

These "gameday simulations" are against this rule in particular, and if it is determined that Washington's tunnel entrance equalled anything like that specified in the rules, they will self-report, self-discipline, and self-spank themselves over the whole affair, no NCAA or big whoopin' sticks needed.

What we wonder was: Was it realistic? Did it include the sound of five hundred fans wailing in unison, or did it feature "cheering," something unheard at Washington for the better part of five years now? Did it look like Richard Pryor playing "death metal" and handing out bags of pills to teenagers before gunning them down? Because we'd really like to show you what that looks like. Oh, look, here: a clip of that very thing.

If it looked like that, then the Steve Sarkisian era is off to a more awesome start than we could have imagined.