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And you think I'm injured? I WILL FIGHT YOU RIGHT NOW UNDERTAKER. Tim Tebow pulled off his sling to prove he was fine at a basketball game after his recent shoulder surgery. Call him an attention whore all you like, but you're only a successful whore if you have thousands of customers. This is what we call a "demand side" issue, and in Gainesville we're afraid prohibition or choking off the demand is out of the question.


Myles Brand sanctioned by pancreatic cancer. A small cancer joke among friends, of course. Myles Brand, head of the NCAA, has pancreatic cancer and the long-term prognosis is "not good." Brand, who actually once answered a question sent to him by proxy from EDSBS, will know the results of the chemotherapy he is undergoing later this month. Happy thoughts to him, even if we still aren't sure what he does as president of the NCAA.

Your completely logical user comment of the day: Is here.

Hows that hand me down coach working out for you guys? Too bad he couldn’t pull off with your program what he pulled off with ours in 2004. Maybe he’ll turn tail on you guys like he did to us in the postseason and try to come back now that we are national champions. We won’t want him though.

Love, Utah fan. His email address was "" Frickin' clever!

De-Croomification has begun. Dan Mullen has started the process by getting three four-star commitments for Mississippi State, thus doubling the number of theoretical recruiting stars Sylvester Croom ever got on the offensive side of the ball at the school. If you'd like to get excited (or alternately despondent) over your school's prospects, we suggest you examine that Rivals summary.

Our faculty is energetic. Don't ask why. The University of Florida: makin' it snow, baby.