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You may remember Troy wide receiver Josh Jarboe from his prior life as an unaccompanied freestyle rapper at Oklahoma, where lines like "If she like barbecue I put my meat up on her grill" got him kicked off the team after this video made it onto the internets:

Jarboe will add to his fabulous minor-league thug resume by opening up Fulmer Cup scoring for 2009 with a charge almost as colorful as his red/pink dreads from the OU video: misdemeanor harrassment, a single point for Troy in the Fulmer Cup and establishing them as the first team to put points on the board this season.

While the article gives no details, message boards are full of potentially truth-y tidbits, including this:

Just asked a friend of mine if he'd been to saga and then asked him if a fight had broken out. He said, "no, a football player up and choked some chic" "that dude from oklahoma or something?"

One of our favorite grammatical constructions is "Up and [verb]+ed." It implies a sudden burst of wild or unpredictable behavior, like "After two quarters of mediocre football, Tim Tebow up and got the asskick stick out on Oklahoma." Josh Jarboe just up and opened the Fulmer Cup season." One point to Troy, officially popping the cherry of this season.