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...and hopefully, so will his offensive coordinator. Florida already lost Dan Mullen to the Cowbell Kingdom at Mississippi State, forcing Meyer to bump offensive line coach Steve Addazio up to offensive coordinator immediately following the title game, a position he's occupied for less than a week. Hypothetically, he may not get to call a snap: Boston College is taking a run at him for head coach, having fired Jeff Jagodzinski for interviewing with the Jets.

If Meyer loses Addazio, too, one person he may ask on is Gregg Brandon, former Bowling Green coach and offensive coordinator under Meyer at BGSU. He'"unoccupied" at the moment.

No! I expect you to die! The Alphabetical's Bowl Edition is up and humming over at TSB.

Stoops! Sing along with Britney melodies and Ryan Parker lyrics. Don't act like you don't bump up "Toxic" when it comes on in the car and no one's looking.

Jimbo, get me ah coffah! Boy, I ain't goin' nowhere. Tell accounting to cut you a damn check, and go fetch me some applesauce.