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Mack Brown's got balls. The affair is never small. Playing Ohio State--the Big Ten's last hope for a moment of redemption in a shitheap of a bowl season for them--and having to pull out a last second Colt McCoy touchdown drive out of their well-polished asses for the win over a nine point underdog is dodgy enough.

But immediately taking the mic after the game and using the moment immediately following your late gasp off the mat against a team incinerated by USC to say "We're number one, and we can beat anyone in the country?" Balls, sir, and a sure sign that Mack Brown may be the next governor of Texas if he so chooses. The governorship of Texas awaits someone so capable of bullshitting so effortlessly and spontaneously after surviving near-disaster.

From one bullshitteer to another, sir: well played. It'll look better in retrospect, when the memories of how close the Buckeyes came to snagging this game from the dumpster fade...but in the moment? PhD level, TOP SCORE bullshittery. We almost applauded its grandeur.

(Also, we're glad to be taking a vacation from watching Ohio State football in any form, replay or not. It's Tressel fatigue, it's kicked in with a fierceness, and we have no idea how Buckeye fans deal with it. Our Big Ten punching bag auditions are now open, and there are multiple candidates for the gig.)