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The holiday means the site and its affiliated appendages and tentacles will be dormant until Saturday or so in order to interface with the analog side of reality (and to shave this foul, raccoon-trapper's beard we've mistakenly brought into this world for fourth year running into some sort of acceptable facial hair.) Santa Cthulhu wishes you all safe travels and suggests you double down on the eggnog, because even the many tentacled Elder One of Elder Ones appreciates drinking sugary eggy liquid crack mixed with HELL YES booze.

He knows if you've been bad or good, and will devour you nonetheless.

The Poinsettia Bowl and heavy drinking awaits. Previews will pop up here for bowls, but expect a leisurely pace as we gear up for the final push to Miami. (Hawaii preview? Check. Poinsettia Bowl? Not with about two hours left in our schedule to shop, lawya.)

Feliz Navidad. For your listening pleasure, our five favorite songs not done by Paul McCartney follow.