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We're attempting to do about seventy different things at once this morning--packing, filing a column, various bureaucratic tasks of a a nature so mundane they don't bear specifying, dissolving bones in lye huh?--that we almost didn't notice this:

(Note: Read in Foghorn Leghorn voice for maximum effect.)

If Iowa State fans are buzzing about ex-Tennessee coach Phil Fulmer, Bobby Bowden asked, then why not another former coach who built up a winner in the Southeastern Conference? Why not his son, Terry?

"The thing about it," the Florida State football coach told The Des Moines Register on Thursday afternoon, "is that even though he hasn't been coaching in the last eight or nine years, he's still been (covering) ballgames every Saturday and he sees what people are doing and knows what the trends are and he's kept up with it. Being out of (the profession) for so long, everybody's scared of him, (but) it's not because he's lost any of his knowledge of the game."

Look. He wore a tie and everything.

It is STUNNING that Bobby Bowden, when discussing a coaching vacancy, would suggest one of his sons. He has three unemployed football coaching sons to suggest, so perhaps Terry seemed the most needy at the moment, but it is hard to evaluate Bowden's midnight departure from Auburn in the same light now that we've watched Auburn's failed 2003 putsch of Tuberville and his chaotic ouster this year. It simply doesn't seem as insane as it once did to suggest that Bowden--who actually won games at Auburn and, like Tuberville, got the axe after one bad season--might deserve another shot.

It is Friday, because we are agreeing with Bobby Bowden, and surely hallucinating from lack of sleep. Where's our afghan? And our comforting mid-morning pudding? (HT: OPS.)