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Robert Marve doesn't deserve any real approbation here aside from this stellar play against Georgia Tech:

This is due to his serving in a Patrick Nix offense, the goal of which still eludes even the most perceptive of observers. (The stop slant for two yards? Followed by the botched screen, which then sets up the...well, we're not even really sure what that was on third down. Then punt.)

Hold off on the boos, though they may be forthcoming depending on the reasons behind his suspension from the Emerald Bowl not for missing a class, but for being late to a class. Since most Miami fans clamored for Jacory Harris ("the guy not sucking on the bench!") over Marve ("The guy most definitely sucking on the field right now,") this is likely the final jolt dislodging Marve from the starters' spot and placing Harris in control for the moment.

Neither Marve nor Harris will have a hand in tackling the horrifyingly healthy Jahvid Best in the bowl game, a concern for a team that gave up over 400 yards rushing to Tech in their final regular season game. Meanwhile, the national title game will feature the cow college from the upper hickular regions of Florida in the U's backyard. Contrasts. Life is full of them.