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Be shocked and awed at your own awesomeness, people: EDSBS readers gave over $3,000 to RRISA's Youth Programs yesterday alone, a superb accomplishment exceeding our wildest expectations. Warm fuzzies all around. Pete Carroll reminds you that you get what you give, angels.

We'll be going for another two days, and the theme today--if you haven't donated yet--is to donate your score. The theme came from this conversation we had yesterday with Paedia Mixon, the head of the youth program at RRISA:

Paedia: Is there any significance to the number $31.20?

Us: Um, yup. That's the score of the SEC Championship game.

Paedia: I KNEW IT!!!

You clever, clever people, you. Alabama fans, give $36.00! Auburn fans, you...well, we suggest you add some zeros to the 3-2 Mississippi State score, or if you like you can rub our noses in it and donate $20.17. ACC fans, you may give the default donation of $24.17, since that is the final score for 60% of all conference scores! Big 12 fans, you may downshift a bit and give a retro score, since $62,51, while generous, may be out of some of your budgets, and we understand that.

Learn more about RRISA's youth programs here; click here to donate. Be sure that under the "Please indicate the donation type & details" tab you select "Special Events" and then list "EDSBS" in the space immediately following it. Personally, we're sending in a donation for $49.10 ASAP.

Thank you all. We will keep you posted on the results. Hugs hugs kisses kisses thanks.