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Interactive Tuesday: Always Insightful. Ball State defated Western Michigan 45-22 to go to 12-0 and remain sans defeat for the season. This game was brought to you by ESPN's Interactive Tuesday, a feature as insightful as it is intrusive.

(Yes, Freek's back. Cthulu be praised.)

Urban Meyer thinks this punishment is...yeah, about right. Mark Thompson, a walk-on running back for West Virginia, may now walk off the team and into a local jail, as he and another man are charged with four counts of second-degree sexual assault. Sexual assault's not the kind of offense that gets you merely suspended, unlike stealing a laptop and writing your name on it before throwing it out of a window, which apparently does.

We thought rail accidents only occurred in Southern Gothic novels. The Pouncey twins are dealing with family tragedy after their stepfather was caught between two rail cars at a feed store in Lakeland, Florida. He's in critical but stable condition. Mark new nightmare grievous injury/death on the list: anything involving a train. (Unless it's the Crash at Crush, and if that's how we have to go out, that's fine with us.)

Quizz tissue FAIL. Jaquizz Rodgers may miss the Oregon game as his shoulder is sprained to the second degree, and coach Mike Riley--being the reasonable, non-coachy sort of coach--doesn't want to damage his prize midget any more than he must. Pussy.

Animal Review FTW 4EVR. Our favorite website in the known universe brings you the humble turkey's profile.