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Is USF Coach Jim Leavitt aware you can't give game balls to journalists? Is the journo in question aware Jim Leavitt may extend his arm to you not to shake your hand, but to rip your shoulder out of socket and the joint and thus teach you a lesson in taking nothing for granted, because though you may be maimed you still have full range of motion in one arm, and isn't life about making the best of your current situation? Is Leavitt wearing pants?

This really is nothing when it comes to Jim Leavitt being animated in front of a camera, since you don't build something from nothing without the ability to at least scare everyone in a 1000 foot radius with a glance. Leavitt's man-fear-smell-emitting glands may have had as much of an effect on attendance as USF's disappointing 7-4 season: attendance was down this year for the Bulls overall. Expect to see Leavitt standing on the corner of Dale Mabry with a sign advertising tickets...while selling a few Sunday St. Pete Times, too. Leavitt's a hustler like that.

(HT: The Wiz.)