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"How'd you get that cut up on your head?" "FILM STUDY." Aggie Report brings their final video of the season, and it's a seven minute opus featuring Will Muschamp, Matthew McConoughey, and Mack Brown smoking out of a hookah. If you need anything more than this, you cannot be pleased.

I will be replacing the man who, me. An icy chill, frost forming on the windows, the flickering of the lights...Bill Snyder! The dark mark! Read accounts of the numerous assistants who worked with Bill Snyder at K-State and, while generally laudatory about what the coach taught them, there's always a touch of "But I like to be less...robotic. And sometimes I like to sleep."

Kansas State will be paying $1.8 mil to get that chilly, robotic feeling back for a season at least until someone better comes along. Snyder is 69 and went 4-7 in his last season. Kansas State is making sound decisions and getting better every day. Yes.

No news link. Just a reminder that if you need a short-term payroll loan, you could ask Charlie Weis instead of bugging the pesky credit markets, because his contract only has another 372 years left on it.

Fired without 20 zillion dollar buyout: Joe Glenn, who had his moments, is gone at Wyoming...

...and Chuck Long is gone at San Diego State because he lost many games and did not counter it by winning.

Leach, staying put. And not just because Oklahoma kneecapped him and the rest of the Texas Tech team in Norman. He says he likes being in Lubbock! That means he'll never leave because he said it!