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The weekend's agenda:

Michigan @ Ohio State
Tennessee @ Vanderbilt
Syracuse @ Notre Dame, "just to see if the unthinkable becomes the unbearable."
Ole Miss @ LSU
Michigan State @ Penn State
BYU @ Utah
Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati
Texas Tech @ Oklahoma

Michigan @ Ohio State
West Virginia @ Louisville
Tennessee @ Vanderbilt
BYU @ Utah, Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati, and Texas Tech @ Oklahoma on Sunday morning Tivo. (What could pull me away on one of the last nights of the season? BLOGGER WEDDING, son. Ya heard.)

MALCOLM GLADWELL: Kicking back with an MGD and Louisiana Tech at New Mexico State. Because that's precisely where you wouldn't expect him to be. Successful people are unpredictable and doing the opposite of what you expect them to do!

As for you, campers, grab your helmets and pads, write down your blood type and pin the paper to your shirt, and get in there. Leave your own agendas below, so we know which rivers to dredge Sunday morning, and happy mayhem.