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He's inspiring. Hold on...where was need to play football, because it's about play together...

...just catch the ball, and...FLIP OVER PAPER? What does that mean? Get Richt down here? Where is he? Haven't seen him lately...

Jason Whitlock now has half of his national title game. Quality Wednesday football on all accounts from the Ball State/Central Michigan game, and that's not sarcasm: scores traded down the stretch, enough good defense to convince you they were actually decent on both sides of the ball, and Central Michigan driving in snow on a potential game-winning drive before Dan "Rust Belt Tebow" Lefevour threw a game-killing pick under pressure to end the game. Ball State didn't look like a juggernaut, but they're undefeated, and that's something very, very few teams can say at this point.

Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly. Tennessee message boards remain rumbly on Brian Kelly, meaning he's the first pick, something's underway between negotiating parties, and that Mike Leach--despite his buccaneering for the job--likely remains in Lubbock for now.

The Holy "Shit This Is Expensive" War. Ticket prices for the Holy War are getting into the celestially expensive range.

It's him or the equipment guy. Mike Brandtner, the punter for Iowa State, might really be their MVP. The layers to the deep irony and simultaneous accuracy of this suggestion...just let us savor them for a moment. It's a like a tiramisu of football misery, soaked with the liqueur of sincerity. (HT: BON.)