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Well, that part was nice. Virginia Tech did their best imitation of having an offense again last night, but Miami's OMG WE TOLD YOU THEY WERE GOOD young rabid dog pack of a defensive line made life hell for Sean Glennon and Tyrod Taylor in Miami last night with six sacks and constant pressure in a 16-14 win. Only Jarrett Boykin stirred the collective erectile tissues of Hokie fans with this catch, which should be illegal in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

Allen Bailey killed VT's last hope with a sack, just as he once killed an alligator with a shovel. Miami is 7-3, 4-2 in conference, and could make the title game, a massive accomplishment for Randy Shannon and company.

Senility, honesty...not necessarily mutually exclusive. Florida State will hold their own blackout just like the one that went so well for Georgia earlier this year, but at least Bobby Bowden's being very honest about the whole affair.

University officials like to say the Seminoles will wear black to offer tribute to the Seminole Tribe. But when asked about the jerseys earlier this week, Bowden's first thought offered perhaps the most honest explanation why FSU will dress in black.

"Really," he said, "we're doing it for Nike."

If you're going to whore that ass, stick it in car windows with pride. We know this from experience.

CWCID. We slag on SN commenters all the time, so perhaps we should give credit when it is so rarely due. In response to Hayes V. Hall this week, a USC fan offers his own reinvaluatation of the saturation, and we approve:

Personally, as a USC fan, I think we all agree that Charlie Weis is doing a great job and should continue his dynasty that he has built there.

Spite. Pure, burning spite. Gate 21 has the right formula for inspiring Tennessee to fight out the string in the burning crud-end of the Fulmer era.

To close out, people always talk about Tennessee being completely irrelevant. Well, there are ways to stay relevant, even at 3-6 with a lame-duck coach. One is losing to Wyoming. Other possibilities? Being Vanderbilt’s bowl-clinching, history-making, streak-breaking sixth win. Having the nation’s longest streak of ownage broken on your home field on the day to honor a coaching legend. Hello, 3-9…

Auburn should be reading this as well; in our conversations with Cuddles Swindle, Auburn alum and current man of constant sorrow for those exact reasons, the prospect of beating Alabama would be one of incalculable hilarity. As in, he drops the phone and we hear nothing but giggling for three minutes before he recovers and says "It'll never fucking happen."

He's such a clean young man. Lane Kiffin interviews at Clemson; also in the constellation are Bud Foster, Brett Venables, and Phil Fulmer. Block-C has the flight-aware on auto-refresh.