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Well-played, sir. Via TiricoSuave: Inside Charlie Weis' head.

Ass to ass! YEAAAAHHHHH!

Hey, let me dust off my college football. It's dusty. No one will notice. John Feinstein flexes inanity biceps in this Washington Post column:

In fact, even if Ball State finishes 13-0, it will probably end up playing in the Motor City Bowl. Imagine that, going 13-0 and being rewarded with a trip to Detroit in December.

We could imagine it, because they play in the MAC and the players, teams, and organizations there are outmanned in terms of talent, facilities, and money, and contrary to what Feinstein says, would do just what everyone else does in the ACC or Big East: muddle through and go 7-5. In the MAC, sometimes they go 10-0, as Ball State did last night. Nate Davis, Jason Whitlock hyperbole aside, is a good quarterback worthy of NFL gaga. He'll probably play in the league.

Unlike some people. Bless his purty heart.

A Venable(s) candidate. Connect the Flight Aware data with the rumors of Brett Venables, Oklahoma DC, interviewing with the Clemson Tigers, and you may assume there is strength to both the notion Clemson is looking seriously at him, and that Dabo Swinney and his cornucopia of motivational cliches are not blowing doors at Clemson.

$125 million a year. That is the annual payout the BCS is aiming for in the new deal that will likely take the BCS off FOX (WOOOOOO!!!) and put the whole thing on cable (double WOOOOOO!!!) Doc Saturday peeps and sees all.

Maryland: Fear the Turtle! In a Bar! Drunk! Punching cops. Hard drinking. College Park, Maryland, your wonders really never do cease.