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The weekend's agenda:

ORSON (Nashvll):
Penn State @ Iowa
Florida @ Vandy, live if'n he can manage tickets. Help him manage tickets, America. He will buy you drinks. WATCH THE GAME WITH ORSON SWINDLE! Operators are standing by.
OK State @ Texas Tech

HOLLY (LA, but not the fun LA):
Baylor @ Texas
Wyoming @ Tennessee
Alabama @ LSU
Cincinnati @ West F. Virginia
California @ USC
OK State @ Texas Tech
Florida @ Vandy

Evil Nine's death-defying new album: In hands and ears across America, if you know what's good for you. Black Dennis Franchione thinks it's the mad notes, but don't let that stop you. CONSUME.

Crucial schedule and coverage maps: Hyah. Your own agendas: Below. Another glorious fall weekend: Begun.