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TCU chokes on the pork rind of opportunity. TCU gave up an 80 yardish drive, gave up a touchdown to Utah late, and coughed up not only another chance to crash the BCS, but also a shot at the Mountain West title. This hurts especially because of the co-ownership of the 2008 Pac-10 they would have gotten, as well. The deed to the Song Girls goes to Utah; use them well.

The final drive may be seen below. Brian Johnson looks brilliant, and he should, as he looked like a plate of cold ass for most of the game.

Your fate is in the hands of San Diego State you sir are dead. Boise State's BCS hopes took pipe last night, as they now need help from BYU or San Diego State to get into the rotation.

Connoisseurs of fat, come forward. One of the more entertaining internet quizzes you'll, at least. Number 10's profile is unmistakable; the rest are difficult.

Drew Weatherford is getting bitchmade. Drew Weatherford respects the coaches' decision to bench him, but he doesn't, because he still thinks he deserves to be starter. (If you'd like to do your best Drew Weatherford impression, take a snap from center, run ten yards to your right in a dead panic sprint, and then throw into double coverage.) Also, Florida State has three players suspended for the weekend. Woo.

"Son, we don't like how you didn't wear a tie." Mike Leach may be on Tennessee's short list, but do not count on him making it as a finalist. Leach has interviewed at other jobs before, and it inevitably ends when Leach acts as Leach does and the suits in the room begin to hesitate about giving someone that interesting the reins to their multimillion dollar enterprise. If there's one place with an allergy to weird, it's Tennessee. Unpleated pants are probably cause for being pulled over there.