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CURIOUS INDEX, 11/6/2008

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Car in Cam Newton accident. Cam Newton, backup qb at Florida, is in a neck brace following a car accident on Tuesday night. Newton is in a neckbrace, but you should see the truck.

Renegotiating, but not now. Texas Tech's AD will renegotiate the contract with Mike Leach, just not now. We'll see if the pirate negotiating tactics emerge in the process, because if he's a true buccaneer he'll drag this and possible job offers from Washington and Tennessee out to the last second, double-cross everyone, and head back to Lubbock with a hold full of booty. BTW, in case you didn't notice: Mike Leach is not black.

I personally object to your insistence on class attendance. Ray Small, junior wideout, has been suspended indefinitely for missing class. Small's father says it's personal, and that Jim Tressel is attempting to scuttle the young man's career. We'll let you decide who is in the right here no we won't it's Tressel.

Caution, now. Houston wide receiver Patrick Edwards is back in the hospital due to the possibility of infection of his broken leg, the one featured last week bending the wrong way around an equipment cart at Marshall. Pardon us, but isn't the hospital where one goes to acquire infections, not the other way around?

The flowers died, and a cold chill sat in the air. Bill Snyder could return to Kansas State. You'll know he's back if the Dark Mark Wildcat reappears on Stoops' and Mangino's forearms.