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CURIOUS INDEX, 11/5/2008

Because it sounds nice. Penn State stays undefeated, and they're in according to Tony Barnhart, who seems to think voters would automatically award them a bid out of pro-Joe Pa sentiment. Is everyone forgetting the Auburn example? And what is this...sentiment they speak of?

We're sure ABCspn will tell the story in balanced, measured fashion...

...or, yeah, maybe they'll just thump a drum and yell until we get a nice storyline.

Pepper has not paid a visit lately. Charlie Weis, still on Bob Davie standard time record-wise.

Meta-donuts for everyone. WLA has Holly, Phil Fulmer, Kirk Herbstreit pondering giving himself a sort of just has to be seen to be believed.

Cutcliffe and his health will stay at Duke. David Cutcliffe is just fine at Duke, thank you very much, and is entirely uninterested in the Tennessee because the job could literally kill him: Cutcliffe has already had a cardiac event, and the pressure cooker in Knoxville would do his health no favors.

"The more we win, the worse we get." Pete Carroll continues to think the BCS stinks. Yes, it does. Almost as much as blowing an early season game to Oregon State and having to wait for the masses to claw each other to ribbons to get a shot at a national title.