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Antone Smith is a good running back, but he's even better at evaluating the returns on investment. In this case, the investment is pain, and the payoff is money.

Get money, get paid. Antone Smith is an economist.

The quote from the Orlando Sentinel:

And that includes taking a shot if that means it will enable him to be more effective. Smith said he’s not opposed to getting stuck with the needle.

“I don’t mind taking no shot,” he said. “As long as I get out there and make my money – that’s what it’s all about. That’s all I’m about right now, this is my senior year, I don’t got no other go arounds …”

This is funny because it is Florida State, and in college the word "money" is thrown around with the same caution as the word "AIDS" is used at a blood bank. A visit from the SID and the media relations staff is sure to follow, but whatever, NCAA regulations: need we review the lessons for success in life? Get the Italian tile, keep you refrigerator stocked, get money, get paid, and you'll have vagina panties droppin' like crazy.

(HT: Richard.)