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CURIOUS INDEX, 10/2/2008

It's dapper when you carry it like a cane. Boise State welcomes you to the hammer party, Louisiana Tech.

Photo from the Idaho Statesman: please see photo one from their game gallery to see all that is America.

If you didn't flip over to Project Runway halfway through the game, then you're one hundred percent man. However, we did, but even then we got to see enough of Kellen Moore's unreal footwork, completely icy nerves, and AWACS field radar to come away duly impressed with the next killer qb drone to be installed in the Boise State system: 20-of-28 for 325 yards, 2 TDs, and smooooth as haiiiil in the process.

Taylor Bennett, former GT starter and Boise State commit, went 9-27 and wants to be an FBI or CIA agent. Should you ever be pursued by Bennett, get far enough away to require the use of a handgun, and you will have a good chance of escaping the encounter without harm.

Jackie Sherrill as font of knowledge makes logicians weep. Jackie Sherrill on TAMU:

“Since when has A&M been a 25-point underdog to Oklahoma State or a 25-point underdog to anybody?” said former A&M coach Jackie Sherrill, referencing the opening line for Saturday’s game. “So they’ve taken a tremendous step back.”

A program-crippling cheat recognizes good work when he sees one, so game respek game, Dennis Franchione. It's fun to blame the perfectly bowling pin-shaped Mike Sherman, but Dennis Franchione is on the hook for the deep well of horseshit the Aggies have to wade out of over the next (insert daunting horrible number here) years.

Censorship! How did this not make it onto Gameday! At-ti-ca! At-ti-ca! (It probably did not make it because the balls on that tiger are disturbingly dangly.)

Cicero will get you in Uffie's pants. The coolest coach, per Fox Sports, is Joe Paterno, because a working knowledge of the Classics will get the party hopping like crack frogs. We think this in error, as the coolest coach is actually Jeff Tedford, since his precise circuitry requires a constant running temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Jim Tressel's Worst Nightmare: This blog! Or a pair of wrinkled slacks. Either one reduces him to a fetal position.