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So, Tim Tebow has to walk past a church sign suggesting people pray for him every day, or at least live in a town where someone, presumably in order to catch the eye of parishioners who'd rather head on down to Panera, grab a bagel, and spend Sunday morning doing something else rather than sit in church, puts his name on a church sign to attract attention:

"I'm going to pray that [Tebow] is true to his faith because if he falls and gets caught up in some kind of scandal it will be bad for Christianity," Brown said.

Brown doesn't know Tebow but says the quarterback is an important role model. The minister says if Tebow gets into trouble, then the image of Christians could suffer.

"I know the story of David, so we know it's possible for all of us to fall," Brown said.

If the Crusades and Worship Jamz haven't done it by now, it's not going to happen if Tim Tebow gets caught doing anything remotely un-Christian. What will happen is that people who see this will see you as a hucksterish attention whore who uses our beloved weepy baby-rhino in the most cliched and cheap of manners to drive just one more soul into that church and get their tithes. Oh, and that we need to crack out one of the internet's Bronze Age Classics, the church sign generator, to do justice to other church signs in the college football universe.

(HT: Sports by Brooks.)