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Let's just put that to bed. Kill it. Shoot it in the head, forget it, just let it sit there and rot so we can all move past it and just say, yes, yes, USC's vastly better than Ohio state, and that's all there is to it, and my that's quaint and interesting but there's much more football to come. Scads, nay, a veritable surfeit of football to forget, to achieve, to win championships and erase the ghastly memories of...

Hi. Chill-sloth just saying hi. No reason. Keep reading.

"Easy" was one word defensive end Kyle Moore used after missing practice two days last week with back spasms before having the game of his life (eight tackles, a fumble recovery, two tackles for loss for 19 yards, including a sack for 15).

"You can tell they don't practice full speed," Moore said of the massive Buckeyes who made it "easy" to fly past them.

"They were still getting into their (first blocking) move, and we'd already be into our second move (on defense) and past them," Moore said.

Okay. We're done now. Really. Please, talented players of USC, stop giving quotable quote about how you whipped OSU's ass so badly you may have changed the climate in Ohio, thus robbing them of their poisonous but semantically significant namesake. Stop saying them, and we'll stop printing them. (HT: Ted Miller's Pac-10 blog.)