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The weekend's viewing agenda:

SWINDLE (Gainesville, for a wedding that mercifully falls on Florida's bye week):
Kansas @ USF
Georgia @ South Carolina
"Whatever's on ESPN at noon", which means Cal @ Maryland, the poor bastard.
Ohio State @ USC

HOLLY (San Diego, freezing her ass off in the 50-degree "beach weather"):
Kansas @ USF
Navy @ Duke
Alabama-Birmingham @ Tennessee
Michigan @ Notre Dame
Georgia @ South Carolina
Ohio State @ USC
Wisconsin @ Fresno State

TERRY BOWDEN: Writing about football on the internet, making him precisely as employed as we are.

Consider this your open thread for tonight's festivities. Swindle's on radio silence for most of the weekend with abovementioned commitments, but we'll have occasional commentary and live coverage of OSU-USC tomorrow. Y'all come back, now.