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It's time to replace the poll with a question more relevant than the issue of how beautiful Rick Neuheisel is. (We all know that nothing, repeat nothing is more beautiful than His Coachness, and if the win over Tennessee didn't convince you of this fact, nothing will.)

The relevant mystery of the day is the proper nomenclature for Jimmy Clausen's new hairdo, a wonder of engineering on par with the Burj Dubai. It is oily, yet dry looking; long, but kind of short; not quite country, but not quite rock 'n roll; slightly unkempt, but too constructed to be an accident.

The available appropriate domain names we suggest for the successor to the Emu-hawk are:

A. Wake Up the Breck-oes!

B. The Pollyanna

C. Stewardess!

D. Little Throw Peep

E. The Ara Parseghian Waterfall

Submit your answers in the poll on the right. At the pace we've been changing them out, you only have the next four months to get your vote in, people.