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What do we mean by "public" here, really?

A good villain needs to be someone who could kick your ass, which is why it's been sad seeing Florida State decline into 7-5dom and Music City Bowls. Sad is a carefully chosen word; we did not say regrettable, undeserved, or "not reeking with cosmic karmic justice of a vintage so refined we wouldn't bottle it for fear of debasing its organic goodness." No, sad will do very well.

It's also fun watching them dodge the Sunshine Laws of Florida--requiring transparency at all state institutions, including universities--while refusing to divulge the contents of a letter detailing all of the NCAA violations the school may have racked up in the cheating scandal that broke last year. They've been sitting on the NOA (Notice of Allegations) from the NCAA for two months, claiming it contains students' names, and that releasing it would therefore be a violation of their privacy.

Even Andrew Carter, the Sentinel's appointed Seminole-in-charge, sees little good here:

That Florida State refuses to release the document in a redacted form – which would eliminate its concern over the release of confidential student records, and render its arguments useless – says only one thing: Florida State has something to hide.

Yes. But at least they aren't STEALING DEAD LADY CREDIT CARDS, right? Are you with me people? Huh? Florida State's next line of defense will involve subpoenaing the phone book and for listing students' names, which is a most extreme violation of their privacy.