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Gameday will be in Atlanta. Intro massive EDSBS sign. Now accepting bids on how to get massive, creative EDSBS sign into the background of Gameday's broadcast from Atlanta. Neon? Balloons? Projecting the logo onto the nearest wall?

Ricky Jean-Francois saw you do that. This list from Fanhouse--now suspiciously jiggle-free in content after a minor fracas over the Fantasy Sports Girls--includes Jasper Brinkley, who may be more important to one team's chances in the SEC than any other. At least Florida, if we drop Tebow due to injury, can just run the zone read and Cam Newton Smash, which would at least keep us in the respectable zone, win-wise. (Disappointing, yes; respectable, yes.)

Absent from the list is RJF, a.k.a. the Haitian Sensation, a.k.a. Ricky Jean-Francois, who will be the bell cow of a fine herd of defensive linemen at LSU. You may remember RJF, last seen detonating the middle of the Buckeye offensive line in the BCS Championship Game. He requests that if you have the first pick in the NFL draft, you should perhaps get in touch with his representatives.

The most jaw-dropping part of the video isn't the strength work, but the agility work. Being that big--6'3", 281--and simultaneously that nimble is a crime against common sense. Oh, and he drives a nice car OMG CALL THE NCAA!!! Before you do, please remember that loans based on anticipated NFL income are perfectly above board and legal for the moment, and that RJF is allegedly related to Kimbo Slice. Unless your ground skills are tight, having an angry Kimbo at your door won't work out very well for you.

Florida TE Cornelius Ingram did something to his knee in practice yesterday. The possibilities range from "tweaked," which has a playful, schoolboy charm to it, like someone just took his knee, placed a "kick me" sign on it, all the way to "tore," which has dire, pants-crapping intensity to it. MRI getting looked at today by the uproariously named team doctor for Florida, Pete Indelicato.

Fortunately, Florida has seventeen wide receivers on the roster to fill in until he heals.

The odd epic of Ronnie Wilson's long path to reinstatement was a bit dodgier than one might even expect, per the Miami Herald. Wilson's community service may have been forged, Florida looks skeevy in the process, and...the writer thinks it will all be totally worth it if Wilson graduates? We bout this U. Just keep saying that in the mirror. We bout this U.

Want a tight end who can properly estimate your quarterlies? Richie Brockel of Boise State would be that guy. He's doubly intimidating to us since we're convinced that all accountants keep heads in their refrigerators and plot to kill their neighbors at night for maintaining slovenly flowerbeds.