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According to the Charleston Gazette, the Fulmer Cup scoreboard is due for a major correction in the case of Kendall Washington, the redshirt freshman wide receiver who broke, entered, and feloniously assaulted a man in putting the 'Eers on top...for a hot minute, that is, since Washington wasn't even on the team.

This was evidently a point of confusion for more than just your average sloppy blogger:

According to the story, "it's unclear what this means for his football future at West Virginia University, where the 6-foot-2, 192-pound Washington was in the mix to be a receiver for the nationally ranked Mountaineers this season.''

Uh, not exactly. Yes, Washington was a member of the Mountaineer football team last season. He even caught a 4-yard touchdown pass in the spring game from backup QB Jarrett Brown.

There was additional confusion with the listed rosters for West Virginia, as well; Yahoo had him, then didn't have him, Rivals didn't have him, and so on into mediocre confusion, etcetera. Consider all of the points for Washington's offense removed from WVU's record, thus returning them to their prior total of nineteen points.

Additional revisions: Georgia's Clint Boling had a DUI reduced to reckless driving, meaning his ability to convince the judge he was merely "operating a vehicle in a frisky fashion" and not "driving drunk" equals a reduction of one point for UGA. In response to emailers: Jeremy Lomax's weapons charge has already been removed from the total, and should be correct. If not, we will penalize other teams for no good reason and even things up in the second half.