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Percy Harvin, following foot surgery, must have stayed under sedation for the implantation of an additional pituitary gland solely devoted to producing new HGH.

Jesus H. Ripped Fuel: without being too "cavalier" about the whole thing, Percy's gone from gliding 170 pounder to near 200 pounds in his three years in the conditioning program and looks like hired muscle prepping for a elaborate hit job. (A hit job that involved an island fortress and a target only susceptible to explosive medicine balls, natch.) That's a beautiful piece of man, is what we're trying to say. We'd kiss him with tongue. What yes what?

You can't see the heel in question that got Harvin on the operating table this spring, but if you could, we bet it would be the most impeccably ripped heel in the history of heels.

Video from the Florida Strongman competition, with much happy tire-flipping, after the jump.

(HT: GatorSports.)